CEO Message

MEDIACOM GROUP OF COMPANIES is not only a name of a company. It is a passion, a desire to grow, service and diversification with professionalism. This is why I moved forward, and committed to establish new standards of customer service, excellence, and quality in all sectors.

I am extremely proud to be the CEO of a company which, despite its vast scale of operation, still retains these core values. We are here today because of the confidence and trust that our customers and stakeholders have placed in us.  All this have been achieved with the grace of almighty Allah, prayers of my parents and untiring hard work.

I am thankful to all the customers and stake holders for their complete faith and trust on Mediacom. We continue to manage our business as per convenience of our clients. I look forward to share my ongoing success as I intend to continue to grow and develop.

       To me success is not a destination, it is journey and I focused on it.